SpendAble for Providers

Australia's #1 NDIS money handling solution for providers

SpendAble for Providers

We're trusted by Australia's leading providers, because we do what other money handling solutions can't

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Why SpendAble?

We exist to give NDIS providers...

More time


More money


More safety


...through a custom-built money handling solution — co-built by industry experts and people with disability

10 more important reasons why Australia's leading providers choose SpendAble

  1. FREE card issued — you'll only have to pay per participant, saving you from hidden card costs

  2. Save thousands of hours reconciling transactions — across your finance, service delivery and support worker teams

  3. Cut needless participant costs — you'll never have to absorb losses from staff overspending again

  4. Report back to families in seconds — send transactions, receipts and statements in 1x click

  5. Easy to use — quickly train your support workers in only 5 minutes

  6. Never chase missing data again — saving you time, hassle, plus protecting you and your participants

  7. You're always audit ready — we'll compile all of your transaction plus receipts, saving you time

  8. See business wide transactions in real time — giving you more insight and control over staff spending

  9. Zero cash handling — preventing the loss of potentially thousands due to mismanagement, loss, or fraud

  10. Industry leading — we're Australia's #1 NDIS money handling solutions for providers, participants and parents

SpendAble Product

Why choose SpendAble over other money handling solutions?

SpendAble vs other expense management solutions

Want to save time and money with Australia's #1 NDIS money handling solution for providers?

We're helping thousands of people like you, but don't just take our word for it.


Ann - Parent


“With SpendAble, my daughter has regained a sense of control and decision making. We no longer have to worry about handling or locating cash!”


Pete - Participant


“SpendAble is the best platform I have ever used to track my money. It helps me track what I spent, what the items I bought look like and keeps my support workers and I accountable for my spending. If you live with a disability, you won't regret giving SpendAble a go”


Chris - Participant


“My support workers can transact on my behalf without giving out my bank card or cash ever again. My life has completely changed with SpendAble”


Rob - Support Worker


“SpendAble means I no longer have to worry about using my own money and waiting for reimbursements, and gives the families I work with more comfort”


Luke - Provider


“SpendAble has enabled us to distribute funds to our support team for business & client expenses in a way that streamlines our governance and risk policies”


Deb - Parent


“SpendAble has been a life change for our family, our son and his support team. It has helped our son develop essential and necessary money handling skills, while ensuring an invaluable layer of accountability, responsibility and transparency which protects our son and his dedicated support team”

Pictured: Chris Kessaris, SpendAble CFO

Can support worker use their one account for multiple participants?

Yes - support workers have one account that can be used to safely and securely access participant and business funds they have been granted permission to access.  The system ensures money is never mixed up and all reconciliation happens automatically.

This means your support workers no longer need to share cards, or have multiple virtual cards issued to them in order to make payments for different requirements.

How does SpendAble save my team time on admin?

SpendAble automates the reconciliation of transactions by identifying who is paying, what the purchase category is, how much was spent and where the purchase was made at the time of transaction.  Receipts and photos are captured in the app, and automatically journaled against the relevant transaction they relate to.

This means your team don't need to check funds in and out or collect receipts, and manually cross check every transaction to journal.

We currently share one card amongst all of our workers. Why would we swap to SpendAble instead of continuing with that method?

By sharing traditional debit cards, providers only know where a payment is being made, and can't identify who is paying, what is being purchased and for what purpose.  This lack of transparency places participants at higher risks of financial abuse, and exposes providers to financial fraud liability.

This means providers often require highly manual and time consuming processes to collect the relevant information, taking time away from service delivery and care.

SpendAble allows service providers to capture all the payments data they need, automate reconciliation, meaning participants are protected, compliance risks are reduced and more time is available for service delivery and care.

Are there any additional fees not covered by the subscription?

SpendAble's system are features are flexible and malleable to ensure every provider we work with has the right tools to succeed.  If you're interested in how SpendAble could be tailored to your business, book a call with our team here