SpendAble for Participants

Australia’s #1 money handling solution for participants & parents

  • 100% NDIS funded

SpendAble for Participants

Why SpendAble?

We exist to give NDIS participants...

More safety


More transparency


More independence


...through a custom-built money handling solution — co-built by industry experts and people with disability

How it Works

3 simple steps


Choose how you spend

Create wallets for your spending needs — i.e. groceries, activities, clothes


Allocate your money

Add money to your wallets. SpendAble will help you stick to your budget with ease


Spend with confidence

Pick the wallet, see your balance and tap your SpendAble card to pay!

How it works

10 more important reasons why thousands choose SpendAble

  1. Your money is safe — you’re protected by VISA’s zero liability protection & SpendAble’s card money guarantee

  2. You’re in complete control — view and access your money any time safely and securely

  3. Nothing out of your pocket — 100% NDIS funded, so you never pay a cent of your hard earned money

  4. Improve your money skills and capacity — Powerful budgeting features, empowering you to pay more independently and reach your goals

  5. Never hand out your card or cash — safely connect your trusted support workers in 1x click, who can securely spend on your behalf without touching your personal card or cash

  6. You choose how your money is spent — you have complete control and visibility over how your trusted support workers spend money on your behalf

  7. Maximum transparency — see what budget, how much was spent, who spent the money and all receipts for every transaction, in real time

  8. Personalised statements — receive statements and share spending information with family, trustees and financial representatives in seconds

  9. Specifically for NDIS participants — our program is built by people with real lived experience, catering to your individual needs

  10. Industry leading — we're Australia's #1 NDIS money handling solutions for providers, participants and parents

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Why choose SpendAble over other money handling solutions?

SpendAble vs other card solutions

Want safer and transparent spending with Australia's #1 money handling solution for participants?

We're helping thousands of people like you, but don't just take our word for it.


Rob - Support Worker


“SpendAble means I no longer have to worry about using my own money and waiting for reimbursements, and gives the families I work with more comfort”


Pete - Participant


“SpendAble is the best platform I have ever used to track my money. It helps me track what I spent, what the items I bought look like and keeps my support workers and I accountable for my spending. If you live with a disability, you won't regret giving SpendAble a go”


Chris - Participant


“My support workers can transact on my behalf without giving out my bank card or cash ever again. My life has completely changed with SpendAble”


Rob - Support Worker


“SpendAble means I no longer have to worry about using my own money and waiting for reimbursements, and gives the families I work with more comfort”


Luke - Participant


“Amazing team that actually care about the community. Highly recommend SpendAble!”


Deb - Parent


“SpendAble has been a life change for our family, our son and his support team. It has helped our son develop essential and necessary money handling skills, while ensuring an invaluable layer of accountability, responsibility and transparency which protects our son and his dedicated support team”


Sue — Support Coordinator


“SpendAble has been wonderful in customising a program for the person I referred. The flexibility and time they spent in ensuring their program will work for the person is amazing. A great resource.”


Jesse — Support Coordinator


“SpendAble are really changing sector with their targeted, impactful solution to making quality and transparency easy!

Cannot think of a better product on the market!”


Oliver — Healthcare


“I highly recommend SpendAble.

They really care about their clients and their product makes things a lot easier”


Celine — BSP


“SpendAble has been a game-changer for NDIS participants! The user-friendly platform simplifies budgeting and tracking and their knowledgeable and caring team provides personalised support, making financial management stress-free! I would highly recommend their services!”

Who is SpendAble for?

People with disability or elderly people who have support workers that make payments for them

People with disability who are looking to improve their financial capacity and skills

Support providers looking to protect their customers, save time on admin and improve their risk and compliance outcomes

How can my support workers access money safely with SpendAble?

SpendAble allows you to see which support worker spent your money, how much, where and on what.  This means you have extra transparency and control over your money in real time, and don't need to hand over your own card or cash for them to make a purchase for you.

Granting or removing permissions for a support worker to access your money can be done in seconds through the SpendAble Budget Hub.

Is my money safe?

Your money is safe, and remains yours the whole time. If you ever need your money back you can request it at any time and if anyone tries to take it you are covered by SpendAble’s Card Money Guarantee. This means we ensure that any money you put on the card will be returned to you if something goes wrong or someone tries to steal from you.

Are there any additional fees not covered by the subscription?

The monthly subscription covers all costs associated with SpendAble, excluding international transaction fees.  There is a $12 replacement card fee for replacement cards.

What does SpendAble cost?

SpendAble has 3 plans that range from $15 - $55 per month (paid annually).  You can view the range of NDIS claimable plans here

How do I get SpendAble funded through the NDIS as a plan or self managed participant?

SpendAble is classed as low-risk, low cost assistive technology and can be funded from either core/consumables, or a capital AT budget.  

If you feel SpendAble is a good fit for you, you will receive an invoice to either make a claim directly from the portal or send to your plan manager to make the claim.

How do I get SpendAble funded through the NDIS as an NDIA managed participant?

SpendAble has partnered with The Brainary to support agency managed participants to fund for SpendAble with their NDIS plans.  

Speak to your SpendAble onboarding representative and they'll collect all the details to connect you with the Brainary to make the payment easily.