Glossary of Definitions

Budget Hub

  • The Budget Hub is an online portal where you manage all of your your SpendAble wallets by setting budgets, connecting supporters and viewing transaction details.

SpendAble Mobile App

The SpendAble mobile app is for all cardholders (participants and supporters). The mobile app is the technology that puts money onto the debit card from the wallet every time a transaction needs to occur. You also store photos and receipts in the mobile app after every transaction.

SpendAble VISA Debit Card

The SpendAble VISA debit card is unique because before every purchase you need to tell it through the mobile app; What, Where and how much the transaction is. Its unique $0 balance system allows the debit card to connect into the network of wallets and means that one card can connect to multiple wallets.

Smarter Shared Payments

SpendAble’s smarter shared payments make the whole transaction more connected between a participant and a support worker (and budget manager if required). This is a world first for the VISA network and reduces the need for you to ever hand out cash or personal debit cards out to support workers.

Activity Feed

The SpendAble activity feed is an innovative alternate to traditional banking statements. It allows you to tag photos, receipts and notes to develop your spending story and inform your spending decisions.

Support Workers

Support Workers are trusted people that you’ve given permission to make smarter payments on your behalf.

30-Day Free Trial

We want to ensure SpendAble is right for you and your payment needs. That’s why we are offering a risk-free 30 day free trial.


A SpendAble budget refers to the spending categories set for spending. Budget examples could be groceries, activities, clothing, bills or haircut.The available funds within your wallet can be allocated to budgets to assist you in managing your spending in each category

Budget Manager

The person responsible for managing the wallet for both the participant and the support worker. A budget manager can be the participant or they can have a nominee that manages their budget on their behalf.

Participant Centred

At SpendAble we are committed to make the participant the centre of our platform (customising the service financially, NDIS fully claimable + Product accessibility).

No Numeracy Process

The no-numeracy process by SpendAble is a consistent process that can be used by a participant to make any purchase they need to without needing to learn the value of notes, add up money or work out the change. Once this process is learned a user can do the same steps for any purchase whether it be a coffee, t-shirt or electricity bill.

Choice and Control

SpendAble is assistive technology and was developed to make lives easier, improve a participant’s access to their money and reduce friction in the purchase process. The setting up of budgets should empower a participant to have access to more of their budget and promote financial skills and independence wherever possible.