Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SpendAble for?

  • People with disability or elderly people who have support workers that make payments for them

  • People with disability who are looking to improve their financial capacity and skills

  • Support providers looking to protect their customers, save time on admin and improve their risk and compliance outcomes

Is my money safe?

Your money is safe, and remains yours the whole time. If you ever need your money back you can request it at any time and if anyone tries to take it you are covered by SpendAble’s Card Money Guarantee. This means we ensure that any money you put on the card will be returned to you if something goes wrong or someone tries to steal from you.

What does SpendAble cost?

SpendAble has 3 participant plans that range from $8 - $55 per month (paid annually).  You can view the range of NDIS claimable plans here

Provider pricing is customised specific to the organisations unique requirements.  Providers can book a demo to receive a customised quote

How do I get SpendAble funded through the NDIS as a plan or self managed participant?

SpendAble is classed as low-risk, low cost assistive technology and can be funded from either core/consumables, or a capital AT budget.  

If you feel SpendAble is a good fit for you, you will receive an invoice to either make a claim directly from the portal or send to your plan manager to make the claim.

How do I get SpendAble funded through the NDIS as an NDIA managed participant?

SpendAble has partnered with The Brainary to support agency managed participants to fund for SpendAble with their NDIS plans.  

Speak to your SpendAble onboarding representative and they'll collect all the details to connect you with the Brainary to make the payment easily.

Are there any additional fees not covered by the subscription?

The monthly subscription covers all costs associated with SpendAble, excluding international transaction fees.  There is a $12 replacement card fee for replacement cards.

How can my support workers access money safely with SpendAble?

SpendAble allows you to see which support worker spent your money, how much, where and on what.  This means you have extra transparency and control over your money in real time, and don't need to hand over your own card or cash for them to make a purchase for you. 

Granting or removing permissions for a support worker to access your money can be done in seconds through the SpendAble Budget Hub.

Can support worker use their one account for multiple participants?

Yes - support workers have one account that can be used to safely and securely access participant and business funds they have been granted permission to access.  The system ensures money is never mixed up and all reconciliation happens automatically.

This means your support workers no longer need to share cards, or have multiple virtual cards issued to them in order to make payments for different requirements.

How does SpendAble track unauthorised transactions?

SpendAble has features that identifies unusual transactions such as transactions made in irregular locations or of irregular value.  There is a responsibility on the budget manager to be overseeing transactions as well to ensure money is spent how it is supposed to. 

SpendAble’s supporting tools enable a budget manager to review these intuitively with photos and receipts being required for every transaction made, as well as a dispute resolution capability in the app and budget hub for each transaction.  Due to the fact every user has their own personalised card, SpendAble and the budget manager have full visibility on who is making each transaction to best understand how the money in each budget is being used

Does SpendAble only work one way?

SpendAble's system are features are flexible and malleable to ensure every provider and participant we work with has the right tools to succeed.  

Are there any restrictions on my card?

Unlike a cashless welfare card, we don’t put card restrictions in place that prevent you from using your money as cash.  You and your budget manager (if applicable) have full control to set any little or many rules as possible on your card and wallets to suit your spending needs.