Financial Capacity Building Program

Build your money skills with tailored budgeting and capacity building

Financial Capacity Building

Why SpendAble?

We exist to help NDIS participants...

1. Understand your money

Understand money

2. Budget & save your money

Budget and save

3. Take control of your money

control your money

… through a tailored, 1 on 1 capacity building program — designed specifically for people with disability

10 more important reasons why thousands choose SpendAble

  1. Personalised budgeting plan — develop a plan tailored to stick to your budget and strategies to understand where your money goes

  2. Nothing out of your pocket — 100% NDIS funded, so you never pay a cent of your hard earned money

  3. More spending transparency — know how every dollar is spent and have confidence you’re spending on the right things that align to your goals

  4. You’re always in control — we’re here to support you.  Complete the program on your time, at your pace and in a way that best suits you

  5. Easy to follow — guided sessions that help you get results quickly

  6. Tailored strategies for you — providing you safe and supported methods to improve your money skills specific to your circumstances and goals

  7. After program support — you’ll have technology, systems and support ongoing so you can continue to build your skills even after you’ve completed the program

  8. Specifically for NDIS participants — our program is built by people with real lived experience, catering to your individual needs

  9. Experienced facilitators — our team are experienced financial councillors and disability professionals

  10. Become more independent — tools and resources so you can safely spend more independently, and reduce reliance on others to manage your money for you

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Want to improve your budgeting skills with tailored skill development?

We're helping thousands of people like you, but don't just take our word for it.


Ann - Parent


“With SpendAble, my daughter has regained a sense of control and decision making. We no longer have to worry about handling or locating cash!”


Pete - Participant


“SpendAble is the best platform I have ever used to track my money. It helps me track what I spent, what the items I bought look like and keeps my support workers and I accountable for my spending. If you live with a disability, you won't regret giving SpendAble a go”


Chris - Participant


“My support workers can transact on my behalf without giving out my bank card or cash ever again. My life has completely changed with SpendAble”


Rob - Support Worker


“SpendAble means I no longer have to worry about using my own money and waiting for reimbursements, and gives the families I work with more comfort”


Luke - Provider


“SpendAble has enabled us to distribute funds to our support team for business & client expenses in a way that streamlines our governance and risk policies”


Deb - Parent


“SpendAble has been a life change for our family, our son and his support team. It has helped our son develop essential and necessary money handling skills, while ensuring an invaluable layer of accountability, responsibility and transparency which protects our son and his dedicated support team”

Join the thousands of happy participants who already trust us to empower their financial skill development

What is included in this program?

The SpendAble Money Handling Skill Program consists of:

  • 20 hours of 1:1 skill developmentSupport resources and booklets

  • 5 outcome modules that cover money principles, risk assessments, transacting in the real world, budgeting plans/strategies, and money access

  • Activities, assessments and strategies for each module, so the participant has practical takeaways to implement in their life.

  • A years access to SpendAble's financial assistive technology platform and debit card to support the participants financial strategies

  • + much more!

How do I know if this program can work for me?

This program is for anyone who: 

  • Want to improve their financial literacy

  • Want to plan with a budget

  • Want to demonstrate their capacity to trustee's or financial guardians

  • Want to reduce their risk of financial abuse

  • Have others handle their money for them 

I only use cash, can this program still work for me?

If you only use cash, this program can help you:

  • Assess where you might be at risk and implement strategies to mitigate this

  • Equip you with the skills to use a debit card/make digital payments for times where cash isn't accepted

  • Develop strategies so your support network can best support your circumstances

My support network does all my spending for me, can this program still work for me?

If your support network (parent, guardian, provider, support worker) do all your spending for you, this program can:

  • Help identify where you may be at risk, and implement strategies to reduce your risks

  • Provide greater transparency over how and where your money is used for your peace of mind

  • Equip you with the information and tools to review spending done on your behalf

  • Equip you with the skills to make more transactions yourself more independently, if that is a goal of yours

How much does this Financial Skill Development Program cost?

The SpendAble Money Handling Skill Program cost is $2042.60. The most common method of funding this through the NDIS is:

Improved Daily Living: 20 hours Skills Development And Training (09_009_0117_6_3) - $1492.60

Low Cost AT - Support Capacity Building (15_22400911_0124_1_3) - $550

If you're wanting to discuss funding from a different line item, please complete our quote referral form to discuss your options.

Im a support coordinator - how do I get more information for my clients?

Click the button above to secure a free budgeting session that will help identify your clients goals and how this program might be able to help them. You can invite your client along to the session as well!

I'm a participant - how do I get more information for my support coordinator to review?

Click the button above to secure a free budgeting session that will help identify your goals and how this program might be able to help you. You can invite your support coordinator along to this session as well!